• TC625 5-axis Monobloc CNC Saw

    TC625 5-axis Monobloc CNC Saw

    OUTSTANDING RELIABILITY, POWER AND PERFORMANCE The TC625 is the answer to countertops fabricators needs. The heavy monobloc structure combined with unmatched quality, reliability and innovation will help you reach your highest goals! With the fastest milling capability, the maintenance-free rubber table, the innovative jigsaw (ACS) unit and our brand new operating system (Pilot) for faster […]

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  • Our Motivation

    Our Motivation

    Thibaut the Stone machinery Innovator. Here you will find real Innovations that will make you saving Money and Time. Call us at 1-844-429-9993

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  • monument


    Thibaut offering many innovations to Monuments manufacturers. Beginning with Thibaut exclusive CNC 4 and 5 Axis with complete pressure control on all axis with Thibaut Patented Computerized Pneumatic pressure control. Also see Thibaut Octopod First Hoseless and Wireless Pad. This will reduce set up time by half, reduce Pad failures and reduce power and water […]

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  • building and landscaping

    building and landscaping

    Tool machinery to achieve elements in limestone, blue stone or marble for historic monument façades, balusters, cornices, low reliefs, fountains, basins, bowls, flagstones, paving stones, curbstones, fireplaces, sculptures.

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  • architectural concrete

    architectural concrete

    Tool machinery for flat polishing, texturing, engraving on precast architectonic concrete : façade panels, urban furniture, concrete stairs, borders.

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